19/04/17: Bahrain

The All-Party Parliamentary Human Rights Group (PHRG) organised a meeting with Sheikh Maytham al-Salman, Bahraini Human Rights Defender, on 19 April, to discuss the situation in Bahrain, in the run-up to the UN Universal Periodic Review (UPR), and his work there and in the region more generally.


We would like to thank Margaret Ferrier MP, PHRG Joint Vice-Chair, for chairing this event.

The discussion was held under the Chatham House rule.

The main points raised were as follows:

  • There appears to be a growing trend of HRDs and Government critics being harassed, prosecuted and incarcerated for lawful activities and for exercising their fundamental rights.
  • Bahrain can become a symbol of success for human rights in the region, and the UK is in a good position to help support Bahrain to achieve this.
  • The resumption of executions in Bahrain is a very serious concern.
  • It is hoped the Government of Bahrain will engage with the UPR and fully implement the recommendations; in addition, Bahraini Human Rights Defenders must be allowed to participate in the process, without fear of reprisals. 

The PHRG will continue to monitor the situation in Bahrain closely, and to raise concerns with the relevant interlocutors.