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Please note that our remit covers only civil and political human rights matters outside of the United Kingdom.

If you are an individual living in the UK and wish to raise concerns about an international human rights matter, we recommend you contact your constituency MP directly. If you are unsure who your MP is, visit and enter your postcode. Some advice on how to contact and influence your MP which may be useful can be found here:

Raising a concern before your MP helps to further our aim of raising the profile of human rights within Parliament. If they wish to do so, your MP can also raise the matter with us to explore what we may be able to do to assist. Please note that because we do not have the resources to do so, we rarely work with members of the public directly.

If you are a human rights NGO representative, or a human rights defender or victim of human rights abuse from another country, you can contact us by e-mail at or by post by the following address:

Parliamentary Human Rights Group
c/o Office of Ann Clwyd, MP
House of Commons
London SW1A 0AA
United Kingdom

We are particularly interested in hearing from people and organisations with access to timely information from the grassroots on the human rights situations of specific countries.

Please bear in mind that whilst we cover all countries outside of the UK, we do not have the capacity to undertake work on all major human rights issues at one time and we may not be able to acknowledge or respond to your communication right away.